Black Lives Matter

In an effort to contribute what I can, I am happy to offer totally FREE mastering until the end of June for any black artists (any genre/lyrical content) and/or for any music that is explicitly and specifically anti-racist, anti-police brutality, anti-fascist, pro-Black Lives Matter or pro-protest in nature.

You will receive a high quality professional master quickly at no charge.
[ offer expired at the end of June 2020 ]

Starfruit Music Videos

The excellent band Starfruit from Dallas, Texas recently released a handful of music videos from their new album ‘Wild West Combat’ that was mastered here. Enjoy!

Apple Digital Masters Certification

Michael Briggs Mastering has now been officially certified by Apple as an Apple Digital Masters provider.



Apple Digital Masters (formerly known as ‘Mastered for iTunes’ or MFiT) are songs that have been mastered by a certified mastering engineer following certain guidelines and best practices to guarantee a high quality result without clipping distortion during conversion to lossy formats for sale or streaming. Read more about ADM here.

New single from Rosegarden Funeral Party

One of the most exciting bands in Texas, Rosegarden Funeral Party, has just released the second single from their upcoming EP. Mastered by Michael Briggs.


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